The future starts with Epowers…

EPOWERS bikes ride with you the smart way, all the way. An ultra-light carbon-fiber frame with a tiny, internal 240 Watt motor that has 3 levels of power output (60W/120W/240W) helps you to overcome any challenge you may face on the road.

Have you slowed with age? Has injury caused you to loose fitness? Not enough time to train? With EPOWERS bikes you can remain an expert cyclist and sportsman forever. You can keep up on group rides like as before. This bike does not pedal you, EPOWERS rides with you the smart way! Just turn the pedals and enjoy the ride!

Our journey began more then 10 years ago when a small group of cycling enthusiasts, with expertise in the tech and aviation industries, came together with the goal of developing a product that would make cycling more comfortable, easier and safer.

EPOWERS is the future and offers a new dimension to cycling. It provides an experience like only in your dreams. Just hop on and start riding!

EPOWERS is magic.

This electric motor system combines cutting edge technology with leading innovation. The components are made exclusively in Europe by a handful of, best-in-class tech companies. The motor is made of carefully selected materials. The result is a reliable, long lasting, and trustworthy product.

The beautifully hand-crafted, ultra-light carbon fiber frame was designed specifically for EPOWERS. It is made to the highest industry standards of safety, quality and reliability. Our frames are made by expert hands and an undying passion for cycling.

EPOWERS is the lightest 240 Watt power assisted E-bike that has ever been created.

EPOWERS is your boost.

You can enjoy the bike’s contemporary design, good looks, high quality and outstanding performance by choosing from seven stock sizes: XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL or can be customized as well.

How does it work?

The start/stop button is built in the handlebar so you can activate the 3-stage 240 Watts motor (60W/120W/240W) easily and unperceivably any time when you need it. The start/stop function can also be set to automatically activate via your heart rate monitor, in order to help avoid overburdening your cardiovascular system.

The battery can be placed into the water bottle or even in the carbon frame with the capacity of 130Wh, 180 Wh, or 240 Wh. Charge time is 4-8 hrs.

Our standard “KIT” includes: frame, motor, gearbox, controller, battery, charger, crank-set, seat post, start/stop button and extended user manual. The other components of the bike can be customized based on personal preference.

Our standard types are:

WB- Silent Standard, battery in water bottle, 3 stage (60/120/240 Watts)

IB- Silent Standard, integrated battery invisible in frame, 3 stage (60/120/240 Watts)

WB- Super Silent, battery in water bottle, 3 stage (60/120/240 Watts)

IB- Super Silent, integrated battery invisible in frame, 3 stage (60/120/240 Watts)

V-max 500 Watt, 3 stage (120W/240W/500W motors, 2 x 250 Watts)